Zerbach & Company, founded in 2014, is an independent, owner managed Corporate Finance advisory firm, with its office located on Maarhausen manor in Cologne. We advise mid-cap family-owned companies and their shareholders, family offices, private equity investors and start-ups on buy-side and sell-side mergers & acquisitions (M&A) transactions, company succession and changes in shareholder structure. Furthermore, we provide finance advisory as well as non-transaction related advisory services. The managing partners combine more than 80 years of Corporate Finance and M&A experience, both national and international. Since 2014, the transaction volume of our successfully completed deals has been ranging from c. 5 million to c. 250 million Euro. Typical transaction volumes range between 10 and 75 million Euro. Our firm is an independent member of Geneva Capital Group (GCG), the premier global network of M&A- and Corporate Finance firms with partners in Europe, USA, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Zerbach & Company is supported by its Industry Advisory Board, consisting of ten renowned industry experts and entrepreneurs.


Jul 2020

Zerbach & Company advises PHK Enterprise Family Office on the acquisition of a minority stake in MonitorFish, a Startup for cloud-based fish farm management software.
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Jun 2020

Zerbach & Company advises the shareholders of LUNOVU GmbH in raising of growth capital through the admission of the S-UBG as a new minority shareholder.
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May 2020

Zerbach & Company advises PHK Enterprise Family Office on the acquisition of a minority stake in DEMECAN, the only German producer of medical cannabis.
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Mar 2020

Zerbach & Company advises Buurtzorg Deutschland on the raise of growth capital from a German family office.
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Dec 2019

Zerbach & Company advises the shareholders of MBE Moderne Befestigungselemente GmbH on the successful sale to stock-listed SFS Group AG.
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Jun 2019

Zerbach & Company advises the shareholders of GERMANIA Inkasso-Dienst GmbH & Co. KG and EURANIA AG on the sale of 100% of shares to a Munich-based family office by means of regulation of company succession.
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May 2019

Zerbach & Company celebrates its 5th anniversary with a big celebration.
5 years have already passed since the foundation of Zerbach & Company. Reason enough to celebrate together with long-time business partners, international network partners, the Z&C industry expert circle as well as friends and family members.
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May 2019

Zerbach & Company joins Geneva Capital Group (GCG), the premier global network of M&A, Corporate Finance and Strategy firms.
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„After we had decided to sell our life's work in mid-2019 following many in-depth discussions, we started looking for a suitable consultant to carry out our project. Zerbach & Company prevailed over two other consulting firms that came into question and we have not regretted the decision in any way. The decisive factors for our choice were not only the personal chemistry but also the references and the experience of the team in the field of construction elements as well as the professional and at the same time unpretentious appearance of the employees. In only 5 months including the preparation phase - which we would not have thought possible at the beginning - we were able to complete the competitive process with the successful sale to the listed Swiss SFS Group. During this intensive, highly emotional phase we felt committed and trustfully supported by Zerbach & Company at all times“

Peter Gülde,
Former Owner and Managing Director of MBE Moderne Befestigungselemente GmbH

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„We got to know the team of Zerbach & Company back in early 2015. Due to the mix of professional advisory, open communication combined with a very pleasant personal approach, Zerbach & Company since then has been contributing significant components to handle the extremely rapid growth of our tonies® digital play and audio box.“

Patric Faßbender & Marcus Stahl,
Managing Shareholders Boxine GmbH

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„I particularly appreciated the modular approach of Zerbach & Company. In a first step, I was able to evaluate the quality of services by mandating Zerbach & Company with the preparation of a business and development plan and a subsequent company valuation. In this context, I initially got to know the high-quality advisory provided by Zerbach & Company. After my decision to reorganise the existing shareholder structure of my company was made, Zerbach & Company has been a professional advisor and companion for me in a situation that was entirely unfamiliar to me to that date. Throughout the entire process, the collaboration with the team was extremely pleasant.“

André Barth,
Managing Shareholder DuoTherm Rolladen GmbH

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„Born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I had the unique pleasure to ride my Bobbycar toy-car through the production facilities as a young kid together with the son of the plant manager. This is when the “toy virus” had infected me for the first time. After job engagements in Tunisia and China, I joined Schleich in 1999, a company that is known worldwide for its high-quality, natural toy figurines, which can be found, statistically, in every German kid’s bedroom. The company was founded in 1935 and has faced most of the challenges a company can incur. In 2004, one of our co-shareholders at the time intended to sell his shares. This is when I learned to know and appreciate Leander Zerbach for the first time. With an extraordinary degree of respect and delicacy, he was able to bring together the various shareholder interests and all of us witnessed a highly successful sale of the majority of shares to Hg Capital. Today, Schleich is operating globally and generates sales exceeding EUR 100 million. Since then, Leander Zerbach and his colleagues have personally advised and accompanied me with my various entrepreneurial activities, a valuable support I no longer want to miss.“

Paul Kraut,
Former Managing Shareholder Schleich GmbH

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Industry expertise


Industrie-Newsletter Kunststoff Q1 2020
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Industrie-Newsletter Befestigungselemente Q4 2019
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