Buy-side M&A advisory

The success of an acquisition of a business depends on every single process step: from the identification and approach of potential target companies, the integration into an existing growth strategy, the verification of hypotheses and assumptions in a Due Diligence to the final negotiations of the definitive agreements. However, we support our clients beyond that: we develop an acquisition strategy, gather information on potential target companies, evaluate potential targets supported by non-public real-time financial information services, sound out a potential sale interest and help you to secure acquisition financing, if needed.

Through our cooperation with Cologne-based patent law firm Kutzenberger Wolff & Partner since 2014, Zerbach & Company has access to detailed information regarding patent registrations worldwide. Information concerning patent registration activity of a potential target company provides valuable information regarding R&D activities and barriers to entry. The database uses an interface to DOCDB database by the European Patent office and includes data from over 90 countries worldwide.

Buy-side M&A advisory services

Diversification and

Identification of
target companies
(Target search)

Acquisition of
majority and minority

Industrial sector
analysis and market

Analysis of patent
activities of target

and raising of
acquisition financing

Joint development
of transaction

Use of the network
of Z&C Industry
Advisory Board

Our added value

  • Fast, seamless transaction process:
    Optimal preparation and information analysis on target companies, discrete and professional approach, excellent process management with flexible and efficient project execution, maximum degree of confidentiality and discretion.
  • Financing competence:
    Long-term experience and personal access to financial sponsors and potential (acquisition-)financing partners.
  • Experience and quality:
    Extensive experience in successful transaction advisory activities at all stages from joint development of transaction strategy to successful closing. Project management and execution is always carried out by long-term experienced partners only. Experience with complex transaction structures. Our clients can fully concentrate on the operative business due to our integrated management of the entire transaction process.

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