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Have you ever asked how much is your company worth? How do achieved strengths of your company affect this value? What price could you ask for on the market in case of selling your company? Which price seems to be adequate in case of withdrawing shareholder? Which expenses are related to the acquisition of a market companion? Which factors could be influenced to further increase the Enterprise Value?

Answering all these questions require a solid company valuation tailored to your individual objectives. In contrast to the valuation of listed companies, special requirements have to be taken into account for the valuation of medium-sized companies. The success of companies - and thus their value - is often depending on shareholders and management, a particular market or niche position and numerous other factors.

An objective and adequate valuation of these companies requires, besides the methodical “set of tools”, many years of experience in the area of mid-cap M&A advisory.

The valuation of companies belongs to our day-to-day business. You will receive a profoundly determined Valuation Memorandum based on the international M&A industry standard methods and procedures as well as more than 50 years of experience in advising and working together with family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

In contrast to often (investment-)theoretical valuation approaches, you will receive a valuation based on the Discounted Cash Flow valuation and Multiple valuation (based on comparable transactions and comparable listed companies) from us which are common national as well as international methods of M&A related topics.

In addition to the enterprise value range (method-pluralistic approach), which is determined by taking into account both Discounted Cash Flow and Multiples Valuation results, you receive an estimate of the price that could currently be achieved on the market - since the methodically determined enterprise value may differ from the price that can be achieved at current market conditions.

Our approach: Not partially automated or " off-the-shelf" but individually tailored to your company and your requirements. From our perspective, this is the only way to deliver a valuation, which is significant and suitable for discussions with potential investors.

Company valuation premium


  • Fixed-price Company valuation based on the common valuation methodology (Discounted-Cash-Flow & Multiples methods)
  • The valuation is based on a detailed business plan for the next three years that will be prepared by us in collaboration with you
  • Preparation of an integrated, perennial business plan including planned income statement, planned balance sheet, planned cash flow statement, working capital planning as well as planning of capital expenditures (CAPEX)


  • You will receive an elaborated Valuation Memorandum including a detailed description of the valuation methodology used, a description of the assumptions of the business plan as well as the valuation results


  • The costs for the preparation of a Valuation Memorandum amount to € 9.750 excl. VAT.
  • Costs may increase according to prior individual agreement with the client in the event of complex business structures, such as several business units in different industries or multiple legal entities

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Value is what you expect to receive. Price is what you will get on the market.

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Preparation of a Valuation / Fairness Opinion

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Preparation of a Valuation / Fairness Opinion

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